We Are Happy To Provide The Following Skin-Care Services

Rejuvenation Processes:

SIGNATURE FACIAL - This classic European Facial will revitalize, restore and refresh the most discerning skin. Includes face, neck & shoulder massage.

Initial Visit - 90 minutes $80
Maintenance Visits - 45 minutes $55


SKIN RESURFACING PEELS - A chemical exfoliation customized to your skin's needs.  Perfect solution for aging skin, hyper-pigmentation (brown spots), and acne.  The use of sunscreen after a peel is mandatory.  Most peels are 1 layer; additional layers $20 each.

Initial Visit - 60 minutes $70
Maintenance Visits - 30 minutes $55
Additional Layers $20


BRILLIANCE REVEALED DIAMOND DERMAFILE™ LUXURY - Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing at its best.  Reveal a brighter complexion with this illuminating treatment.  Not recommended for guests with inflamed skin, acne, rosacea, sun and/or wind burned skin.

>Initial Visit - 90 minutes $95
Maintenance Visits - 45 minutes $75


ULTRASONIC REJUVENATION AGE MANAGEMENT TREATMENT - Finally, a science based system for a younger looking you!  The Ultrasonic System treats all skin types, uses gentle water pressure to exfoliate; low current ultrasound waves for deeper delivery of antioxidants; and microcurrent for cell renewal therapy.

Initial Visit - 90 minutes $85
Maintenance Visits - 45 minutes $65


Beautiful Image™ NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFT - A Showstopper Anti-Aging treatment!  Micro current technology lifts, tones, and re-educates the facial muscles.

Initial Visit - 90 minutes $85
Maintenance Visits - 45 minutes $65


Beautiful Image™ NON-SURGICAL EYE OR NECK LIFT - Re-educate the eye, lip, and jaw muscles.  This is a must to open up the face…Eyes look bright and lifted, lines around the lips are smoothed, the neck and jaw becomes tight and firm reducing the signs of aging.

Initial Visit - 60 minutes $75
Maintenance Visits - 30 minutes $55


ULTIMATE BEAUTY WRINKLE-RELEASE TREATMENT - Completely indulge in our most luscious treatment, leaving absolutely nothing out: Peel, Serums & Microcurrent. You Deserve It!

Initial Visit - 90 minutes $95
Maintenance Visits - 60 minutes $75


I’VE GOT YOUR BACK TREATMENT - For those hard to reach areas of the back. The back is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated to reveal smoother, softer and clearer skin.

60 minutes $70

Express Skin Care Services:

Essentials Express Facial - cleanse, light exfoliation, moisturizer, sunscreen

30 minutes $45


Diamond Dermafile™ Essential Express

30 minutes $50

~ Add one or more of these essentials to any facial for an additional $20

Age Repair
Blackhead Relief
Moisture Boost
Oil Control


Facial Enhancements:

YOUTHFUL LIP TREATMENT - Collagen and Elastin rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles to instantly smooth and beautify the lip contour

15 minutes $20


DE-STRESS COLLAGEN EYE TREATMENT - This vital eye treatment truly combats the aging process and its tell-tale signs: wrinkles, crow’s feet & fine lines.

15 minutes $20


NECK/DÉCOLLETÉ DRENCH - Instantly repairs and hydrates the neck/décolleté area.  A must with any facial…simply divine!

15 minutes $25


HOT TOWEL HAND OR FOOT TREATMENT - Exfoliating scrub applied to remove dead skin; removed with warm towels, finished off with essential oil massage.

Hands OR Feet $20
Hands AND Feet $35


PEPPERMINT SCALP MASSAGE - Warm aromatic peppermint infused oil is massaged in to the scalp for an invigorating massage.

Add to any massage or facial $20

PARAFFIN WAX HAND TREATMENT - Warm paraffin wax leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.  Can help reduce pain caused by arthritis. 

Alone or Add to any massage or facial                            $8  

AROMATHERAPY - Choice of essential oil infused massage medium applied to the skin throughout the massage.

Add to any massage or facial $5


EYEBROW AND/OR EYELASH TINTING - Enhance the natural color of your eyebrows and/or eyelashes.  Or be bold and change it up!  Eyebrow Tint includes Brow Shaping.

Brow 20-30 minutes $15
Lash 20-30 minutes $20
Brow & Lash 25-35 minutes $30



Brows $12
Lips $12
Chin $15
Side Burns $15
Full Face $35