Meet the Team-

Karen Deto-Yungbauer

Karen Deto-Yungbauer is our newest massage therapist to join the team. Karen graduated from Venice School of Massage and has over 25 years experience. Her training includes neuromuscular therapy, myofacial massage, trigger point therapy and treatments of a wide range of injuries. In her spare time Karen enjoys spending time with her 3 children, playing sports and exercising.

Renee Kinley

Renee Kinley has been our Patient Care Coordinator since February 2016. Her responsibilities include patient relations, scheduling and helping the office run effectively and efficiently on a daily basis. Outside of work, Renee enjoys soaking up the Florida weather and spending time with her husband. 

Carisa Kinley

Carisa Kinley, our newest team member has been our Patient Access Coordinator since June, 2017. She is in charge of the front desk, which includes taking care of patient relations and scheduling, community relations and helping the office run effectively and efficiently. Originally from Pennsylvania, Carisa just made the move with her 2 son's, Joshua and Benjamin. In her spare time Carisa loves working out, reading, writing, art projects and meeting new people.

Geraldine Lorenz

Geraldine has been our Finanacial/Compliance Manager since August 2011. As our "behind the scenes" person, Geraldine is an integral part of the office; in charge of insurance/patient billing, systems management, and keeping the office compliant with the ever-changingrules and regulations. Currently pursuing her master's degree, she enjoys flying, working out, and spending time with her birds, Sonny and Digit, and her cat, Skipper