Customer Service, Environment, Great Care

Love coming here... Always receive great service and care. Would recommend Dr. Aaron to anybody.

Customer Service, Environment, Superior Service

I have been coming here for a few years. I have always had superior service from the moment I walk in, to when I walk out.



Written after only four and a half weeks of care
Initial reason for seeking care:  "Pain on my right side.  I was accustomed to needing a back brace." 
Changes since you have been under care:  "I have no pain and can stand upright again.  This is great for an 89 year old person." 


Now 25, came to see us after physical therapy alone failed to improve the way she was feeling after a car accident.  Since her care started she has had fewer headaches,  fewer neck pain/stiffness, fewer muscle spasms, and fewer lower back aches.  She has also noticed that she has not been getting sick as often in the early winter/spring season which she has dealt with her whole life.  Victoria has chosen to continue her care with us on a regular basis to maintain her good health and improve posture. 


Amount of time under chiropractic care:   "43 years in total"

Initial reason for seeking care:   "Fell down 10 brick steps resulting in two bulging discs above a three level fusion in neck, two more bulging discs in bottom on back standing on sciatic nerves right leg mostly sometimes both and both shoulders"

Changes since you have been under care:  "Most of the pain in my neck, arms and hands is gone along with a majority of the numbness and nasty tingling.   When I got back here Dec 15, 2011 along with the way my neck shoulders, arms and hands were I could not walk well or with a natural gate.  Now instead of day in day out constant absolutely intolerable pain in the highest ranges, a lot of my days are pretty easy to take pain wise and the gate of my walk is normal for the most part." 

Additional comments:  "I have re-injured myself inadvertently two times since I have been here, but not for those little setbacks I would be in pretty good shape.   Further as may or may not have mentioned earlier I was diagnosed at twelve years old with a degenerative spinal disease.  I am now 55 years old.  I have been to more than several chiropractors in my time and have had not so good ones, downright no good ones, good ones and then DR AARON.   I came back here from Huntsville, Alabama after seeing him in November, staying in his care for two and a half months.   I will truthfully and happily say, he is the best I’ve ever seen!" 


Amount of time under chiropractic care:   “35 years, here for 2 months” 
Initial reason for seeking care:  “Backs out” Additional comments:  “Love your adjustments, gentle yet effective, also pre-massage.  Love the check in computer!” 


Amount of time under chiropractic care:    “3 weeks”

Initial reason for seeking care:  “After cancer surgery on 3-3-10, my back went out.  I was in great pain and tilted to the left at about 80 degrees.” 

Changes since you have been under care: “My pain level is down.  I am off pain killers.  I can get in and out of my car.  I can do my daily routine.  I sleep much better.  I am not afraid of moving, bending or lifting.”  Additional comments:  “Dr Taylor has never hurt me with his adjustments.  When I leave his office, my pain level is greatly decreased.  He knows exactly where I am hurting by his touch and without me telling him where I hurt.”    


Amount of time under chiropractic care:   “10 months” Initial reason for seeking care:  “Car Accident” 

Changes since you have been under care: “Pain is virtually gone!  Dr. Aaron and massage therapists have worked miracles on me.  They zero in on the pain, treat it and it’s gone.  Through perseverance, 10 months of dedicated care helps me to be pain free!  When discomfort creeps up-- I am back and my pain disappears.  Thank you, Dr Aaron and Staff!” 


Amount of time under chiropractic care:   “4 weeks” Initial reason for seeking care:  “Bad headaches and neck hurting”  

Changes since you have been under care: “No more headaches and neck and back are feeling better.” 

Additional comments:  “Since I’ve been coming here my whole body has felt better and I don’t feel sick.  I’ve had more energy and I have been sleeping a lot better.” 


Amount of time under chiropractic care:   “5 months” Initial reason for seeking care:  “To have better health and enjoy every day without pain.”  

Changes since you have been under care: “My left shoulder stopped hurting after 15 years of constant pain after the first week of treatment the pain left and has not returned.”  

Additional comments:  “My lower back pain is also gone.  I shovel now and have no back pain or leg pain.  It is wonderful to feel so great.  Thanks!”   

Cynthia (age 70)

Amount of time under chiropractic care:   “7 months” Initial reason for seeking care:  “Mid-back repeatedly out of alignment, causing pain and discomfort.”

Changes since you have been under care: “Spine stabilized… More energy – No need for daily naps!” Additional comments:  “I am happy that the HIGHER-POWER (God) is using a super chiropractor like Dr. Taylor to help me gain and maintain my ‘super power’!!!!”